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    Product Center

    Solution of mine cooling

    With the increase of mining depth, the high temperature heat damage is more and more serious. "Coal mine safety regulations" stipulates that "when the air temperature of the mining face exceeds 30 ℃ and the air temperature of the mechanical and electrical equipment chamber exceeds 34 ℃, the operation must be stopped." The mine explosion-proof refrigeration device provides 3 ℃~ 15 ℃ chilled water to the air cooler of working face, which can reduce the working face temperature to below 30 ℃.
    The mine explosion-proof refrigeration device uses freon as refrigerant, which is mainly composed of screw compressor, condenser, evaporator, economizer and necessary electrical automatic control equipment.
    The company's mine explosion-proof refrigeration device is an independent underground cooling special equipment, which has obtained the national patent authorization and safety standard certification of national mining product safety mark center. The refrigerating capacity of a single unit covers 400KW to 3300kW.

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